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US Congress, US Senate

Policy Stances

Quality Education and Safer Schools

The strength and prosperity of our community are inextricably linked to the quality of our educational system. As a parent of three and a lifelong learner currently pursuing my MBA, I understand the profound impact of education. I am committed to ensuring that every child in Colorado has access to an excellent education, regardless of their socio-economic background or where they live.

Accessibility and Investment in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

As an Iraq War combat veteran, I have personally grappled with mental health issues and associated medical conditions. Moreover, as a parent who witnessed his own child battle addiction during the Opiate crisis, I understand the critical necessity for comprehensive and easily accessible mental health and substance abuse services. It is these personal encounters that fuel my unwavering commitment to prioritize mental health and substance abuse services as a State Representative.

Assault Weapons Ban and Firearm Licensing

As a combat veteran who served in Iraq, I am intimately familiar with the capabilities of military-grade weapons, particularly assault weapons. I've seen firsthand the devastation these weapons can wreak. As an individual with extensive military training, I understand their use in a war zone, but I am staunchly convinced that such high-powered weapons have no place in our civilian society.

Safer Communities and Accountable Policing

As a citizen deeply invested in our community's safety and well-being, I firmly believe in the critical role that law enforcement plays in maintaining order and peace. Having worked closely with the Denver Police Department as a volunteer, I have witnessed the selfless service, courage, and dedication of our police officers firsthand. I am profoundly respectful of the police and the sacrifices they make every day to protect us.

Affordable Housing, Balanced Community Development, and Small Business Support

I am dedicated to ensuring that all community members have access to affordable housing, from young professionals to families and seniors. By expanding the range of affordable housing options, we create a more inclusive city, enrich the cultural depth of our neighborhoods, and enhance the vibrancy of our community.

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