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Accessibility and Investment in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

As an Iraq War combat veteran, I have personally grappled with mental health issues and associated medical conditions. Moreover, as a parent who witnessed his own child battle addiction during the Opiate crisis, I understand the critical necessity for comprehensive and easily accessible mental health and substance abuse services. It is these personal encounters that fuel my unwavering commitment to prioritize mental health and substance abuse services as a State Representative.


I hold a firm belief that every Coloradan deserves access to the mental health and substance abuse services they need. It is imperative that we remove barriers within the healthcare system and ensure no one has to face their struggle alone. We must put more emphasis on making comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services accessible to all residents in our state.


Our approach should prioritize treatment and support over punitive measures for individuals grappling with mental health and substance abuse issues. We should also focus on eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines, as they do not address the root causes of these issues and instead obstruct our capacity to provide the appropriate care and support. The time to act is now, for the well-being of every individual in Colorado hinges on our commitment to this cause.

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