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Quality Education and Safer Schools

The strength and prosperity of our community are inextricably linked to the quality of our educational system. As a parent of three and a lifelong learner currently pursuing my MBA, I understand the profound impact of education. I am committed to ensuring that every child in Colorado has access to an excellent education, regardless of their socio-economic background or where they live.


We need to invest more in our schools to ensure they are adequately staffed and equipped to offer a comprehensive and engaging curriculum. Teachers should be provided with competitive salaries and ongoing professional development opportunities, recognizing the critical role they play in shaping our future generations.


Importantly, our educational policy must be holistic, encompassing both academic achievement and growth success, as well as the well-being of our children. This includes the integration of mental health services and counseling in our schools, creating supportive environments that nurture both intellectual and emotional growth.


Safety is another paramount concern when it comes to our schools. The alarming incidence of school shootings and violence in our nation calls for immediate action. It's imperative to create a comprehensive plan that includes implementing evidence-based school safety measures, fostering a culture of respect and inclusion, and advocating for sensible gun legislation to keep our children and educators safe.


Moreover, we must adapt our educational system to the rapidly changing technological landscape. This includes integrating technology in the classroom, teaching digital literacy, and providing equitable access to technology resources for all students.


Quality education and safer schools are more than just policy areas for me - they are personal commitments. I am determined to work tirelessly to transform these commitments into tangible action, for the benefit of our children, educators, and community as a whole.

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