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Safer Communities and Accountable Policing

As a citizen deeply invested in our community's safety and well-being, I firmly believe in the critical role that law enforcement plays in maintaining order and peace. Having worked closely with the Denver Police Department as a volunteer, I have witnessed the selfless service, courage, and dedication of our police officers firsthand. I am profoundly respectful of the police and the sacrifices they make every day to protect us.


However, supporting law enforcement does not mean overlooking the necessity for accountability and transparency. As a community, we must ensure that our police force adheres to the highest standards of conduct, and that they serve and protect every citizen equitably. 


As your State Representative, my goal is to strike a balance between ensuring the safety of our communities and holding our police officers accountable for their actions. We need legislation that supports our police force in their duties, while also fostering transparency, trust, and a robust system for addressing misconduct.


For our communities to be truly safe, we must also address the systemic issues that often lead to crime, such as poverty, lack of quality education, and inadequate mental health resources. Simultaneously, we must equip our police officers with the necessary tools and training to engage effectively with diverse communities and respond to crisis situations involving individuals with mental health issues.


Supporting our police and demanding accountability are not mutually exclusive goals. Rather, they are two sides of the same coin that leads to safer communities and a just society. Together, we can build a future where everyone in our community feels safe, heard, and respected.

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