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Assault Weapons Ban and Firearm Licensing

As a combat veteran who served in Iraq, I am intimately familiar with the capabilities of military-grade weapons, particularly assault weapons. I've seen firsthand the devastation these weapons can wreak. As an individual with extensive military training, I understand their use in a war zone, but I am staunchly convinced that such high-powered weapons have no place in our civilian society.


Drawing from this firsthand knowledge, I firmly advocate for an assault weapons ban. Coupled with this, I also assert the importance of responsible firearm ownership, which I believe can be achieved through comprehensive firearm licensing. This is not about infringing on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens; rather, it's about ensuring those who have firearms are properly vetted and trained, thus contributing to the safety of our communities.


My lived experience, my understanding of firearms, and my firsthand knowledge of the damage they can inflict form the basis of my conviction in an assault weapons ban and the necessity of robust firearm licensing. As your State Representative, I am committed to leveraging this lived experience and my understanding of these weapons to foster bipartisan consensus around these urgent issues.


The unrestricted availability of assault weapons contributes to the devastating impact of mass shootings that we've seen repeatedly in our nation. Coupled with a lack of comprehensive firearm licensing, this unrestricted availability is even more dangerous. We need to take decisive action to limit access to such weapons, implement an effective assault weapons ban, and establish robust firearm licensing to potentially prevent future tragedies.


While I am a supporter of the Second Amendment, I believe that it does not extend to weapons designed for the battlefield and that it doesn't preclude the need for comprehensive firearm licensing. It's critical to strike a balance between upholding constitutional rights and ensuring public safety. Therefore, it is my firm conviction that we can, and must, implement a comprehensive and sensible assault weapons ban alongside robust firearm licensing.


In this endeavor, I promise to engage with, listen to, and respect all perspectives. It is only through open dialogue and collaborative effort that we can achieve sustainable solutions that will make our communities safer. Our actions today will help to ensure the safety of all Coloradans now and for generations to come.

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