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Affordable Housing, Balanced Community Development, and Small Business Support

Denver’s growth and dynamism have brought remarkable changes to our city, but they’ve also brought significant challenges, particularly in affordable housing and community development.


As a candidate for House District 8, I am dedicated to ensuring that all community members have access to affordable housing, from young professionals to families and seniors. By expanding the range of affordable housing options, we create a more inclusive city, enrich the cultural depth of our neighborhoods, and enhance the vibrancy of our community.


Yet, housing is only one piece of the puzzle. A thriving community balances housing with efficient transportation, robust public spaces, and access to amenities, including rich cultural and recreational opportunities. As your representative, I pledge to advocate for policies promoting such balanced development, with a focus on preserving and enhancing our neighborhoods’ unique characteristics.


Another pillar of a thriving community is the presence of strong, local businesses. I’m committed to supporting our local businesses, promoting policies that ease their operation and growth, such as streamlined permit processes, resources for entrepreneurs, and incentives for local hiring.


Our collective goal should be a Denver where everyone can find a home, thrive in dynamic neighborhoods, and participate in a prosperous local economy. Together, we can navigate the challenges of growth and continue to build a city that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of our diverse community.

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